Thursday, 3 April 2008

Whoopin' Bug

I have yet to see the day when everything goes by plan.

But despite my shaky fingers, cranky disposition, car running out of petrol and having to take slightly feverish Sir Sprout with us we made it to the doctor alright.

Didn't take long before I was facing the No-Nonsense-Nurse again. I remembered her from last round. All too well.

So I wasn't as startled as first time couple of years ago when she started to bomb me with questions with all the subtlety and gentleness on Gestapo officer.

I know now she's quite nice really, just terribly abrupt.

"So, give me a letter from your GP!"

I felt blood draining from my head.

"Ehmmm... I forgot it at home," I mumbled.

No-Nonsense-Nurse made a noise which could only be described as "harrumphhhh".

"Where are your blood results?"

"In the letter," I squeaked and attempted to make a feeble stab at her sense of humour and/or tolerance. "Must be the pregnancy brain kicking in."


OK. Obviously not working.

"I see. Give me your urine sample."

At this point I almost burst into tears.

"Didn't bring one. I'm really sorry."

"It's fine. I'm getting used to it at this point." Maybe, just MAYBE I spotted a little hint of amused twinkle in her eyes.

After 20 minutes of intensive chat I was so relieved to get out that I almost plummeted down the stairs getting out of her office.

Luckily we didn't have to wait long to see a consultant since Sir Sprout was trying to take (absolutely lovely) waiting room apart.

Not to mention that I was ready to burst after all the water I had dutifully drunk. So much so that one of the first statements during the scan was: "You have done a very good job with a bladder."

Really? Total news to me but hey, you're the expert. Can I just kick you and lunge for loo, please?

Well, long story short - Tummy Bug is not an octopus. All the limbs were counted and correct numbers resulted. Nasal bone was also spotted (a positive sign if you're a bit freaked about chromosomal disorders). And it was one fidgety bouncer in there. Or as the consultant politely put it "Very nice active baby."

I can foresee months of sore ribs already.

Then came the measuring time and shouldn't have really been surprised when the doctor said "Oh, I think we have to bring dates forward."

Yep, Tummy Bug is a whooper. At least so far. And most likely will continue to grow vigorously.

"If you had 9 pound 2 baby before it's unlikely you're gonna have seven pounder the second time around." explained my doctor kindly.

So if I haven't "gone" by due date they will drag me into hospital and stick needles in. With drugs in them. To get me "going". Eeewwwwww.

I guess it's too early to freak about THAT perspective yet. But I will anyway, just to keep busy.

And to take my mind away from other issues to freak about.

Because, truth is, there is no 100% guarantee that Tummy Bug is perfectly healthy & OK. But so far the signs are on a good side. Fingers crossed.


red said...

How many months pregnant are you?

Foreigner by Default said...

red - it'd 15+ weeks now which in some mysterious way really equals a bit over 3 months...

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Great that the news so far is all positive.

9 pounds eh...

ever see the snapper ?

'small turkey, big baby'

or was it the other way round?

Foreigner by Default said...

XBox - :p It's funny as long as you're faced with the need to get the whooper out and come to the sad conclusion that traumatic and effin SORE is the only way.

I'm quite happy with the size of the turkey, thank you very much. And what a nice turkey it is!

Anonymous said...

pmsl at "harrumph" - I faced so many of those noises when I announced I was going for a home vbac. All sounds positive so far - hat's off to you! Take care and for gods sake, get some sleep while you can comfortably do so.

Foreigner by Default said...

bsouth - wow, woman, I don't think I'd have enough nerve to go for home birth.

Chicken, moì?

Besides, my maternity hospital experience was actually quite pleasant (except the pain and other gross bits, of course). Midwives were lovely and helpful.

I might have considered home birth if I was still 25 but now I just want to know that help is at hand should anything go wrong.

Rosie said...

glad to hear all's well, a chroí!

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