Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Precious, precious moments

I don't know if I should be feeling happy or proud or faintly disturbed and worried.

Thing is, Sip Sprout has taken an epic step on speech development field. This morning he actually uttered something which (with application of some creative thinking) could qualify as a sentence.

Fever again this morning so this time The Ultimate Other Half volunteered to miss work today. As I was pulling on my boots a very businesslike Sir Sprout hauled his little green PJ-clad bum onto a couch, settled comfortably on the pillows and pulled a blankie onto his knees. Then he looked at me. Expectantly.

I stared back with blatant disregard of his obvious intentions.

He then proceeded to point at television and said loud and (fairly) clear:
"Mommy TV peaaze*!"

Mixed feelings here. Very mixed.

But I DID put on CBeebies. After all he made SOME effort.

* peaaze = please. He's still working on that speech lark, give him a break!


Xbox4NappyRash said...


It's just a matter of time until he's screaming "pass the &*&^%$# thing to O'Gara you ^%$#*&^ ^%$#*&%!"

But still sweet...

bsouth said...

I knew exactly what peaaze meant - I here it plenty times a day and frankly I put CBeebies on for a lot less!

bsouth said...

and I can't spell apparently. I meant to say hear obviously!

Foreigner by Default said...

XBox - Sweet and scary...

bsouth - welcome to the jungle! :) And if I was completely honest he usually get his will by pointing and shouting..

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