Tuesday, 1 April 2008

House still disease-ridden

Sir Sprout woke up this morning with high fever again. We flipped a coin with The Ultimate Other Half and as a result I got to stay at home with him.

Wee man is cosied up on a couch in his pyjamas with soother, favorite blankie and endless supply of CBeebies.

He is suffering terribly.


Is it just me? said...

Poor Lamb...he looks well minded though..how did Foreigner enjoy Cbeebies?

Foreigner by Default said...

Hi is it just me!
I'm getting far too familiar with CBeebies programming, believe me!
Especially In The Night Garden, Sir Sprout is positively hooked to that program and those b......s stopped showing it at 6.20PM! The misery!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Awww the wee monkey looks so cute there.

Is it a sign of something that I really like your sofa?

Now where did I leave those testicles...

Foreigner by Default said...

XBox - it's a sign that you're a man.

ALL men like that sofa. It's a high back swallowing-you-whole type of a monster. Must be some womb memory thing or something.

Gives you a helluva sore back should you decide to lounge there whole night though.

English Mum said...

Hmmm..I got spammed with that first bloody comment too - how do they manage to get past the filters?

Aw bless little Sprout. I hope he's feeling better soon. And that is a damned nice sofa xx

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