Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Freaking out

My problem is that I research too much.

It probably stems from the need to make an informed decision which, in theory, is not a bad thing at all. Quite opposite, really.

My second problem is that this approach never quite works.

Lets say you need a buggy (or pram or stroller or however are you supposed to call them). Out come all the product review & price comparison websites & parenting message boards. Months of extensive reading, questioning and budget reviews eventually result in a buggy dutifully hunted down from the umpteenth baby store tried.

Half a year and three buggies later you come to the sad conclusion that you cannot really make genuinely informed decision without experience and exact assessment of your needs.

And yes, example ( a very expensive one) is taken from life. My life, unfortunately. The thought of needing a double buggy in near future makes my hands shake and raises bitter regrets that I don't drink any more.

But there can be much more serious drawbacks than having to flog off piles of buggies to finally find the right one. Things are easy. They're replaceable.

It's entirely a different story when you (after quite unpoetical act of peeing on a stick) are faced with two bright purple lines. Meaning - yeah, woman, here we go again!

Without much delay you plunge into murky depths of internet only to surface with handful of totally unwelcome facts like:

A chance of Down Syndrome when getting pregnant in your age - 1 in 289
A chance of any other chromosomal disorder - 1 in 156
Heightened chance of diabetes and all kinds of other lovely complications including abruption of placenta and pathologic condition of fetus
Increased risk of miscarriage

I guess probability of complicated and prolonged delivery isn't even worth mentioning. After all I didn't really get off lightly first time around either.

Maybe I would be better off just not knowing and not worrying? Living my life in blissful ignorance? Taking things as they come?

Too late now anyway.

I just hope I won't loose the plot before tomorrow's scan altogether.

Paraphrasing wise woman Hails: "Tomato juice helps."


Rosie said...

teh internets is full of shite and scaremongering, and probably run by LOLcats. put your feet up for the evening and watch a few cartoons with Sir Sprout, let him distract you from your worrying.

it'll be fine :-)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Between the two of us we have probably seen the best and worst of Dr Google.

It's all shite, mostly.

Well, some.

Try not to worry.

Foreigner by Default said...

Rosie & XBox - thanks for reassurance and well needed good words!

English Mum said...

Hun, 'tis true. The more pregnant you are, the more disasters you envisage! I prescribe fresh mint tea and Jools Oliver's baby book. Oh and a nice foot massage if Hubby's available xx

bsouth said...

They all speak the truth. When you have your scan they'll put the odds up by thousands - honest. Well done though!

On the double buggy front - don't even bother researching, buy a phil and ted then sell it in 3 years time for exactly what you bought it for - trust me, it'll work!

Foreigner by Default said...

English Mum - One thing The Ultimate Other Half is not good at is massage. In fact he's hopeless.

bsouth - I'm a bit freaked about that hanging baby thingy with Phil & Teds, I'd like a proper carrycot so I could see the baba, if you know what I mean... so I was thinking Jane Powertwin or Bebe Confort Twin Club...

NOOOO, I'm not going into that YET!!!

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