Thursday, 10 April 2008

Shopping assistance needed - Vol. 1

Where could I get T-shirt like that??

They have bucket loads of vomit-inducing slogans like "Fertile Goddess" or "Baby Love" but nothing really RELEVANT like this little number I had to design myself.


P.S. And no, it's not me on the picture, thank you very much, I'm far from blonde and svelte. I nicked the photo from some maternity wear site. I think it was


Rosie said...

and there was me whingeing about bras. Tummy Bug getting too big for his boots already, is he?

Foreigner by Default said...

rosie - Yeah, well, I'm 17 weeks gone now and things tend to - you know - expand somewhat. I mean things like waist. And arse. And boobs.

I think my toes have managed to remain unchanged in size and shape though. So far.

Anonymous said...

Try this lot - I haven't used them myself but I've heard they're quite good. I had my 2nd baby 6 months ago and I'm thinking of having one made that says "I'm not pregnant, I'm fat"!

Foreigner by Default said...

bsouth - thanks for tip, will check them out!

Kat said...

OOh. You could have it printed yourself! That is hilarious.

deb said...

I could have used something like that when I was preggo with twins!

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